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"My daughter receives excellent tuition as she ploughs through math, English, and various other assignments."
- Parent

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Advanced Development (Gifted) Early Childhood (3-6 years): A Unique Area of Specialty at the Vancouver Learning Centre

  Red Flags for Parents of Young Children with Advanced Development

Parents should pay attention to very advanced development in early childhood, such as:

  • Learning to read before age four
  • Teaching themselves to read
  • Advanced Math ability
  • Advanced speech and language abilities
  • Advanced musical ability
  • Advanced drawing skills
  • Advanced physical coordination skills
  • Advanced acquisition of general knowledge

These early signs of high order intelligence need specialized nurturing. Children who enter kindergarten or Grade 1 and who are already reading, speaking in complex sentences, and are able to add, subtract and do simple math problems, face a situation in which their classmates are being taught the basics they already know. They can learn to believe school is boring, or too easy, and they do not experience the joy of learning at their own challenge level. This phenomenon puts them at risk, since they never learn to address how to take apart difficult problems at their challenge level.

Early identification of these gifts and talents allows parents to provide the special coaching and advocacy these children will need as they enter school.

At the Vancouver Learning Centre standardized tests, including the Stanford-Binet (SB-V) and the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI IV) are administered to establish designations for young children.

When children show signs of advanced learning abilities,a dynamic and exciting targeted program is designed especially for them. These include learning techniques that allow them to broaden and deepen their learning experiences in and out of school. The techniques include mind mapping (Buzan method), special children’s drawing programs (MONART by Mona Brookes), Worldview (a VLC signature program that teaches the underlying architecture of knowledge to young gifted children), and challenge level tasks in reasoning and problem solving. These kinds of activities help very bright children maintain their enthusiasm for learning as they face grade level environments where their classmates need to learn the skills they already know.

The process begins with a request for a complimentary parent interview with the Psychology Team for an evaluation of the situation. To arrange this first appointment call 604-738-2277 and speak to Andrew Taylor, or send an e-mail to

If it is determined that the child is an appropriate candidate for early intervention, then an assessment time will be provided. An individualized (multi-year) program will emerge from the assessment, which may include parent instruction and/or program delivery at the Vancouver Learning Centre.A post-kindergarten continuation of this program will also be available to provide ongoing partnership in challenge level instruction throughout school.


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