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BOOST (Buying Out Of School Temporarily)

BOOST is a full service program that includes 10 hours of one-to-one intensive teaching, coaching and mentoring on a specifically designed and targeted curriculum each week along with 15 hours of supervised on-site practice. In addition, regular monitoring, progress reviews, counseling, goal setting and crisis intervention are included as needed. The BOOST student becomes part of the VLC community and each BOOST student is assigned a team captain.

This program is designed to lead to the achievement of educational goals and to the development of new skill platforms based on a competent and solid set of learned skills. This program often incorporates the earning of academic credentials from the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) and/or Thompson River University (TRU). Where this is the case, intensive coaching of the curriculum under study is incorporated and the whole program is integrated so that credentials are earned based on solid skills. This rich, self-paced experience changes educational futures.

The BOOST program is particularly appropriate both for young adult students who want to ‘fast track’ a successful return to training or studies at a secondary or post-secondary institution; and for students aged 12-19 whose early school years have been unusual due to specialized brain-based schooling, home schooling, learning disabilities, or due to elementary school in an IEP program where they are missing important classroom-based learning.

The BOOST program is appropriate for students who have not yet achieved an academic skill platform that would allow for success in a regular high school program. For these students a full service year-by-year process allows them to both develop academic skills and to participate in the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) courses to achieve grade-by-grade credentials towards high school graduation.

For BOOST students every case is unique. Their individualized program is built around their needs and stretches to meet the highest possible goals.

Even more important in the long term, since they are continuously monitored, their progress reviews revise the programs and reconsider goals as new skill levels are achieved. In many cases new possibilities for life outcomes emerge. These processes are transparent and include the learner and their family in face-to-face discussions whenever this is appropriate.

It should be noted that the principles that allow for neuoroplasticity to occur are always followed in these programs.


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