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"VLC has been a great school for me and I look forward to the upcoming years I have left."
- Student

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Coaching in Social and Emotional Skills

Not only do we help children with their learning difficulties at the Vancouver learning Centre, but we also offer special coaching in skills that will help them throughout life.  We have been using a coaching model for a number of years and we have numerous success stories. Coaching at the Vancouver Learning Centre uses the coactive coaching model which focuses on the students’ needs to listen, set goals, work hard, and celebrate.  They are encouraged, inspired and motivated.  They are challenged to define their values, explore their character, set goals and action plans, do their work with guidance and positive feedback, and achieve exactly what it is they want.  Our coaching program consists of regular, consistent conversations which focus on the student’s strengths and build up his/her weaknesses.  Sessions vary in terms of topics and time. These sessions are suitable for students of all ages and specifically those who are needing direction and accountability and seeking change.



The VLC offers a series of workshops intended to help build personal success for each child and young person.  Students and their parents have told us how important and positive an experience this has been for them. These workshops are offered to our students and also siblings of our students and their friends.  These workshops are now open to other students.

Self-Esteem and Assertiveness.  Self-esteem and assertiveness are two essential skills for students to learn about and practice.  This workshop is designed to look at contributors and contamination to self-esteem, as well as the six pillars of self-esteem, values and setting boundaries.  We will then learn why assertiveness is so important in today’s world and key techniques on how to be more assertive in the classroom and out of the classroom.

Time Management and Organization.  This workshop has been designed to develop organizational skills at school and home in order to save time, accomplish more, and prepare students for success.  Quick and easy tips are offered to help clear the clutter and create more order so students can achieve. Also, we look at efficient ways to manage time and plan for tests and homework.

Resilience Training.  Being resilient is the ability to “bounce back”.  Through this course we explore what resilience looks like, but we then look at a variety of ways to build that resilience. Students learn how to prepare for life’s obstacles and times of transition so that they can be that much more prepared and equipped to move forward.

Goal-Setting.  This course focuses on brainstorming possible goals, breaking goals up into smaller steps, and several ideas for how to goal set.  We look at both short term and long term goals as well as motivational and inspirational techniques, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of daily habits.

When appropriate these programs include dialogue about ethical values and right action. Programs like the United Nations’ “Living Values” series is used to introduce these concepts (see


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