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"Keep sending the VLC reports. My daughter thrives on them."
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Initial Interview Complimentary
VLC Psychoeducational Assessment and Program Design $2900
Analysis of Recent Psychoeducational Assessment (within 2 years) by a Registered Psychologist and Program Design with onsite interview and observations $1000 - $1800
(depending on complexity)
Program Design without a Psychoeducational Assessment
(includes interview, observations, parent requests)
$500 - $1000
(depending on complexity)
All one-to-one teaching services $67 per hour
BOOST (Buying out of School Temporarily)
Full service teaching program
$2700 per month
Summer Teaching (on request without Program Design, plus interview) $67 per hour
Professional Services with Dr. Geraldine Schwartz
Registered Psychologist
$200 per hour

Additional Fees

In some cases, when a child, youth, or adult has an assessment in which global development delay, or an intellectual disability is diagnosed, it may be appropriate to provide the additional information that can be derived from the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System (ABAS-III).

If requested by the parents of a child or youth, or by an adult client, within 3 months of the Neuropsychological and Educational assessment, we will administer the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Second Edition (ABAS-II) to the child/youth’s parents and teacher, or to the adult client, with the view to assess life skills functioning of the client.

  In such cases an additional fee of $500 will be charged ............................................... $500



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