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High School Graduates/College and University Entrance

There is a huge difference in the learning approaches and learning environment between Grade 12 and the first year in a post-secondary institution. Students move from a highly structured and prescribed learning environment in high school to one that has few rules or boundaries. The classes are large, absence from class is not always noted, and time frames for handing in projects seem much more flexible. In such learning environments some students flourish while others falter.

Success in making this transition is highly dependent on skills in listening effectively in large impersonal spaces, and in understanding how to learn new vocabulary and the underlying concepts of the personal discipline for study and organization. Especially important are the basic core skills of reading with understanding, clear written expression, and problem solving in mathematics and science.

At the Vancouver Learning centre in the summer before college or university we prepare students for success by coaching in a basket of key learning to learn skills, by providing the key underlying core skills, and by teaching study and organization skills.

The mentoring and coaching program enhances readiness for this new level of learning and enhances the pleasure and success throughout the post-secondary journey.

We offer the following specific programs for assisting in the learning transition to post-secondary education.


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