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Our Story    The Vancouver Learning Centre Story

The story of how the Vancouver Learning Centre came to be is instructive as we launch into a new and enhanced future built on this legacy.  Click here to read the story and to learn more about our ongoing development.


For more than 30 years our unique personalized teaching and rehabilitation programs have enabled children, youth and young adults to overcome their learning difficulties.  With our support your young person, too, can know the joy of success in learning.

At the Vancouver Learning Centre we know that everyone can overcome difficulty in learning and deliver a personal best performance to achieve academic success.  The key is to design a personalized program taught one-to-one by dedicated, enthusiastic, highly-trained teachers.  A neuropsychological and educational assessment pinpoints exactly where the learner is experiencing difficulty, then the individualized program is designed to target those learning needs in intensive one-to-one teaching.

Since 1980 the Vancouver Learning Centre has been a beacon of hope for the children, youth and young adults who have come to us for help.  We are unique in neuropsychological and educational assessment and in one-to-one rehabilitation and teaching services. Our students rise above their problems and achieve at their full potential.  Support and advice for parents complements our service to students.

Our dedicated teaching team works with students in reading, math, written expression, study skills, and all content subjects from Grades 1 to 12.  They also teach and coach young adults who are able to go on to take post-secondary courses.  They assist students to recover from learning disabilities, head injury, and other factors that affect learning success.  Student services include both 2-6 hour weekly programs and our unique BOOST (Buying Out Of School Temporarily) Program, which is a full time program that helps young people complete their education and learn skills to enter the work force or go on to further education.


These are the ways we help students achieve success

A Witnessed Assessment.  At every level of the Vancouver Learning Centre experience we promote transparency and partnership with students and their families.  With young children and youth to 16 years we ask one parent to “sit in” on the assessment.  With older students we invite parents to sit in with the agreement of the student.  This is the beginning of the Vancouver Learning Centre experience.  Read more.

Personalized Targeted Teaching Program.  The assessment provides standardized test results as well as a unique perspective that is used to design a personalized program that fits like a glove to address each student’s unique learning needs.  Read more.

One-to-One Teaching.  Each program is specially designed for the student and taught one-to-one by our dedicated experienced teachers, often operating in teams to give the student a rich learning experience.  Read more.

Learning to Learn.  In addition to directly targeted programs that teach students their own best learning strategies, a basket of proven learning techniques is included that help our students achieve an excellent learning performance for the rest of their lives.  Read more.

The “Week-Ahead” Program.  The Vancouver Learning Centre works in collaboration with schools and the child’s teachers to preview basic vocabulary concepts and procedures in the school curriculum coming in the week ahead.   This helps overcome classroom stress and sets the child up to be successful in school. Read more.

Test Preparation and Homework.  Students are taught how to do tasks, assignments, and essays; how to respond to questions; and how to prepare for exams.  They learn their own personal best practices. Read more.

Dedicated Teaching Team.  One of the great strengths of our service is our outstanding team of teachers most of whom have been with us for many years.  Not only do they have solid teaching qualifications, but they are specially chosen for their dynamic and positive qualities as people, and for their love of working with young people.  Our students love their VLC teachers.  Read more.

Evidence-Based Outcomes and Progress Reviews.  Parents are kept fully informed of their student’s progress.  This includes written anecdotal reports three times a year; a progress review using standardized tests at 12-24 month intervals on request and access to their student’s team captains at any time. Read more.

Special Programs for Gifted Students.  Students with outstanding skills may find themselves in difficult situations in the classroom in both public and private schools for several reasons.  At the Vancouver Learning Centre we understand the problems these children have and work with them to realize their full potential.  Read more.

Home Schooled Students. The Vancouver Learning Centre may provide the ideal support system for the home schooled student.  In particular, courses in upper levels in math, science, English and French may be difficult without professional help. In addition, the small group coaching programs (4 students) in skills, organization, and character education may be particularly appropriate. Read more.

Learning Disabilities.  If your child is not being successful in school, it may be because of a learning disability.  We understand the complex range of issues involved with this kind of learning difficulty.  That is why we have such outstanding success in helping children overcome their problems. Read more.

Coaching in Social and Emotional Skills.  Not only do we help children with their learning difficulties, but we also offer special coaching in skills that will help them throughout life.  Our coaching program consists of regular consistent conversations that focus on the child’s strengths and build up weaknesses. Read more.

BOOST (Buying Out Of School Temporarily) Program.  The BOOST Program is particularly appropriate for adolescents and young adults who want to “fast track” a successful return to training or studies at a secondary or post-secondary institution.  It is a full service program that includes one-to-one teaching, coaching and mentoring for 32-40 hours per month on a specially designed and targeted curriculum, which is combined with earning credentials.  Read more.

Advice for Parents.  The founder of the Vancouver Learning Centre, Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, has prepared an essay for parents on strategies they can use to develop their child’s skills for success in school.  Read more.


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