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School-Age Learners (5-18 Years)

It is often the case that children with mild developmental disabilities begin school with their age mates. If they are quiet and compliant, it may take longer to notice their disrupted learning patterns. However, they soon come to the notice of their teachers, who look for help within the system through psycho-educational assessments, learning assistance, and Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs).

After a while, it becomes clear that regardless of everything the school can do, these children fail to thrive. However, anywhere along the school journey, even up to young adulthood, the rich individualized procedures and programs of the Vancouver Learning Centre can immeasurably improve outcome. Signature programs in teaching reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, behaviour training, etc. can be combined to achieve a personal best outcome for these learners.

To discuss your child or youth’s eligibility for a place in the Vancouver Learning Centre community, please see the next steps below.

Next Steps

  • If you would like to have answers as to what can be done, you can book a complimentary interview with Vancouver Learning Centre Director Andrew Taylor by telephone at 604-738-2277 or by e-mail.
  • If after you are fully informed through the interview and by reading this website you are interested in proceeding, Andrew will provide you with an assessment date to begin the process.
  • If you have further concerns or questions you can speak to VLC principal and senior psychologist, Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, either by telephone or by booking a further personal complimentary interview.
  • The assessment will provide a clear statement of the student’s cognitive and educational strengths and weaknesses along with a detailed program that is offered as a proposal. The program is delivered by the Vancouver Learning Centre’s highly qualified teaching faculty, one-to-one.


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