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"It is important to me that my daughter has confidence in herself as a student and a person. She finds this at the VLC."
- Parent

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Site Map

  1. Academic Skills Training/Difficulties in Reading, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling and Math
  2. Advanced Development (Gifted) Early Childhood (3-6 years): A Unique Area of Specialty at the Vancouver Learning Centre
  3. Advice to Parents: Parenting to Assist Your Child to be Successful
  4. Anxiety Disorders/with Learning Disabilities/with Giftedness/or Both
  5. Assessment: Neuropsychological and Educational Assessment
  6. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  7. Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome
  8. Behaviour Disorders/with learning Difficulties/with Advanced Development (Giftedness)
  9. BOOST (Buying Out Of School Temporarily
  10. Brain Injury/Traumatic Head Injury
  11. College and University Coaching Services for Underachievement
  12. Developmental Delays in Young Children (Ages 3-6 years): A Unique Area of Specialty at the Vancouver Learning Centre
  13. Developmental Disabilities
  14. Down’s Syndrome
  15. Early Childhood Assessment and Educational Services (Ages 3-6 Years): A Unique Area of Specialty at the Vancouver Learning Centre
  16. Effect of Early Childhood Learning on Life-Long Success and Well-Being
  17. Evidence-Based Outcomes and Progress Reviews
  18. Faculty Team
  19. Four Semester (Flexible in Summer) Wrap Around Service
  20. Giftedness/Advanced Achievement/Gifted with learning Disabilities
  21. High School Graduates
  22. Home Schooled Students with or without Learning Disabilities
  23. International Baccalaureate (IB) Student Underachievement
  24. International School or School District Transfer
  25. Learning Disabilities/Academic Delay/Cognitive Delay/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  26. Learning to Learn
  27. Neuroplasticity
  28. One-to-One Teaching
  29. Other Medical/Genetic Conditions
  30. Personalized Targeted Teaching Program
  31. Preparation for Post-Secondary Mathematics
  32. School-Age Learners (5-18 years)
  33. Test Preparation and Homework
  34. Transfer from Cognitive-Based Programs
  35. Underachievement due to English as a Second Language
  36. Underachievement due to Transfer from French Immersion
  37. “Week Ahead” Program
  38. Worry Dragons: Coping Skills for Children with Anxieties
  39. University Readiness for VLC Graduates and Alumni
  40. University Readiness for New Clients without VLC Assessment
  41. Preparation for SAT and GRE


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