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"I am grateful to know that every week my daughter experiences an hour of one-on-one time with a teacher who believes in her and nurtures her strengths."
- Parent

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"Our son was very unhappy in school.  We noticed a change in his attitude almost immediately after he started attending VLC.  Since that time he has been consistently motivated to learn."   Parent

"Dr. Geraldine Schwartz and the VLC faculty have always provided a healthy balance of academic challenge and encouragement."   Parent

"We were particularly impressed (and touched) by the VLC’s support and understanding when our son faced a difficult personal health issue and a tragic life experience."  Parent

"Never a school day at VLC goes by that my daughter doesn’t return home and say, ‘Yes, I had a great day!’    Parent

"My daughter’s enthusiasm in attending VLC is consistent, barely bounded, and demonstrates her motivation for achieving her Grade 12 diploma."    Parent

"My daughter receives excellent tuition as she ploughs through math, English, and various other assignments."    Parent

"The worldview is very helpful.  We have extended it at home, talking about ‘here’s how it works, ok?  Worldview 101!’"   Parent

"We continue the fun of VLC attendance outside of school hours, maintaining poise and balance, and celebrating the successes."     Parent

"Keep sending the VLC reports.  My daughter thrives on them."     Parent

"I have learned a lot about the basics of English grammar, communications and family studies."   Student

"In the 10 years I have been here at the Vancouver Learning Centre, so far I have learned a lot.  I have learned lots about different parts of math, such as multiplication, division and fractions."    Student

 "The experience I have at the VLC is teaching me about the world and essentially to see the big picture of the world in real life."   Student

"VLC has been a great school for me and I look forward to the upcoming years I have left."    Student

"I hope other students will enjoy and gain knowledge the same way as I have at the VLC."   Student

"We are just thrilled with our daughter’s academic progress.   She was failing math and doing poorly in English, but now she is obtaining As and Bs in her subjects, and her confidence has soared academically."   Parent

"The VLC staff is always upbeat!  They are caring, attentive, intelligent, perceptive, and open-minded.  They recognize the importance of individuals."   Parent

"Our daughter now has a better future thanks to Dr. Schwartz and staff.  Thank you so much!"    Parent

"It is important to me that my daughter has confidence in herself as a student and a person.  She finds this at the VLC."    Parent

"When we came to the VLC five years ago, we were hoping my daughter would experience affirmation and encouragement that seemed lacking in her school experience.  I am pleased to say we found it."   Parent

"When my daughter goes into her Learning Centre session feeling discouraged about an assignment or a particularly long day at school, I often notice she comes out buoyant and upbeat about the work she did."    Parent

"My daughter admires her VLC teacher who enthusiastically models and teaches learning behaviours that are essential to succeed."    Parent

"I am grateful to know that every week my daughter experiences an hour of one-on-one time with a teacher who believes in her and nurtures her strengths."   Parent



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