The Vancouver Learning Centre
is the "Village" it takes
to get the very best outcome
for each learner.

The VLC is not a school but a Specialist Learning Centre. The VLC delivers a team-based process. A teaching captain is assigned to oversee the program delivery and to be the main contact with the parents who then become an integrated part of the team. Schools can then be involved as appropriate.

In the case of home schooling, the curriculum, homework tasks, testing, and the program to earn credentials and provide oversight to the curriculum is up to the distance education school. This becomes the learner’s school and the VLC will work collaboratively with the school’s contact person and will actively address all IEPs or special needs developed by that school.

Whether the student attends on site at VLC and remains as part of a class or works with a distance education school, the VLC becomes the specialist provider of one to one teaching based on the special needs of the learner in collaboration with the learner’s parents and the contact person assigned by the school.

The Vancouver Learning Centre
is the "Village" it takes
to get the very best outcome
for each learner.

Vancouver Learning Centre

a Partnership of Excellence in Learning

Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, Ph.D.
Senior Psychologist and Founder
Andrew Taylor, MA
Principal and Head Teacher

The Vancouver learning Centre is a seasoned full service, full or part time educational experience in a safe, vibrant learning environment, onsite or online. We have four decades of experience in delivering outstanding, transformative outcomes to all types of learners.

The Vancouver Learning Centre is Unique

We enter into a creatively designed, team-based learning partnership, delivered one-to-one with each learner.

Each individualized program is anchored in the science of neuroplasticity where effective brain function, applied to academic tasks, to emotional strength, and to strong executive function is optimized with targeted intervention to deliver outstanding personal best performances.

In these stressful times, the VLC’s focus on the importance of people — students, parents and teachers — is more important than ever.

One-to-one Assistance for Your Learner

Gifted Learners

For learners who perform well above the average in one or more areas, regardless that weaker skills may also exist.

Learning Differences

For students with learning disabilities, including attention and anxiety disorders, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's Syndrome or autism, or other learning, behavioural or developmental disorders.

Academic Underachievement

For learners who are underperforming due to COVID-19 Academic Slide, language delay, home-schooling or other conditions.

The VLC is exceptional in its experienced, specially trained faculty.

Dr. Gerri Schwartz is the VLC’s senior psychologist and founder. She has decades of direct clinical experience in assessment and especially in the creative design and supervision of the programs that emerge from the two disciplines she represents—Education and Psychology.

A teacher herself with long-term classroom experience, she trains each faculty member and continues ongoing professional development to take advantage of the new emerging knowledge in the field of neuroscience.

Andrew Taylor is the VLC’s Principal and Head Teacher. He has a very special natural talent as teacher, coach and mentor to the VLC faculty and students.

Andrew has two decades of experience in teaching and creating the personal best outcomes we see at the VLC. He leads the VLC teams of teachers as we craft and sensitively deliver each individualized program.

Current Faculty

What Makes Us Unique

The Vancouver Learning Centre is served by two professional disciplines, teaching and psychology, integrated in a seamless manner by a strategic, targeted, and individualized program designed for each learner.

Each program is built on updated neuroscientific knowledge grounded in real understanding of teaching practice and research findings on the effect of neuroplasticity on performance.

Vancouver Learning Centre programs are delivered by professional teaching teams trained, supervised and directed by Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, Senior Psychologist and Founder, and led on the floor by Principal and Head Teacher, Andrew Taylor MA.

What We Offer

At the Vancouver Learning Centre we form a unique partnership with each learner, who becomes the centre of a team and part of a productive learning community.

The VLC is a warm, welcoming, energized, positive and professional place where children, youth and young adults with learning differences can work in partnership with their team of teachers to transform their future to a personal best position.

The process begins with a complimentary in-depth interview that provides access to whatever information is available such as, previous psychoeducational assessments, school reports, and other information that can be analysed in a targeted, individually designed program. If, in addition, a current psychoeducational assessment is required, a referral will be provided.

To begin, contact Andrew Taylor or call 604-738-2277.

Who We Serve

The Vancouver Learning Centre serves all children, youth and young adults from 3 to 19+ years.

Our professional, highly trained faculty teams provide rehabilitation and teaching services one-to-one based on an individualized, science-based programs for the following 12 client groups.

After perusing these categories, if you feel your learner is a potential VLC student, contact Principal, Andrew Taylor to request a telephone discussion and complimentary first appointment with Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, Senior Psychologist and Founder.